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Now his breath is black,
like the space between the stars.
And his eyes lower
to meet the soil on planet earth.
But the sun is bright and still-
it still writes lines on the river;
and it will set always
so the moon can take its place.
And the moon, also, will shine down;
for eternity, they say.
And he himself shall bring nothing;
his body does not stop the harvest;
his soul does not tint the clouds;
his absence does not fill a single pitcher.
And so his word is written
as it melts back to the earth.
Where he becomes, and she becomes: it.
As his eyes fail to see,
and his nerves fail to feel,
and the tree in his yard
reaches gently over in the wind,
and its seed grows everywhere.
And so his word is written;
for eternity, the say.
:iconfredstudios:FredStudios 1 0
Magician for rent
from catastrophe to incident,
i've/ seen/ your precedents.
yes, you are magical;
you've got the head of a jackal.
magical, indeed.
when you're on the streets,
people/ hand you money.
yeah, your voice is just like honey;
that/'s why you've got/ that cash/.
yes, you are magical;
magical, indeed.
you folk dress so nicely.
i hope it ain't so pricey.
one day i'd like to/ be you.
yes, you are magical,
i saw your suit turn black;
magical, indeed.
i don't think you could ever lie/.
:iconfredstudios:FredStudios 0 0
A cyclical haiku.
deleted a handful of
haiku about death.
:iconfredstudios:FredStudios 1 0
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United States
I basically really like photography and music. That's my bread and butter. There's not much else to say.

"From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity." -Edvard Munch

Operating System: Linux Mint.
I'm just not going to bother with those poems. Instead I figured I'd start up an account for poetry on another site under a completely different name and tell no one where it is. It's sort of an experiment.

So now this profile is for photography and stuff.

(EDIT: I also now have a Pentax 645N medium format film camera now. So I'll be doing a lot of fun stuff with that.)
  • Listening to: Tchaikovsky
  • Watching: Seven Samurai


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Of course, no problem. Feel free to credit me if you want. Or not if you can't find a good way to do so.
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